Documentary // 2017 // 56′ // Colour // 4:3 and 16:9 // Status: Successfully Published

A young man, driven by a childhood story, undertakes a journey to discover who his father was. Through this he learns of his father’s strengths, weaknesses, and dreams. He confronts both: unresolved issues and death itself.

Inspired by a bedtime story his mother told him, Leonard and his close friends embark on a roadtrip. Along the way they meet companions of his father and following the path of the narrative, their trip culminates at Stonehenge.

During this journey of self- discovery he realises the effect his father’s life and death has on him. “Mein Vater – A Journey“ is an autobiographical documentary, which tells a powerful story from the narrators point of view. This coming of age film is presented in a humorous, thoughtful and inspiring way. It’s easy to identify with Leonard and to transfer the essential themes – courage, friendship, identity and soulfulness – to your own life.

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